After a several month search for the right User Experience partner, Xcalar and The Leap Labs found each other. We instantly clicked and began a 2 month jumpstart of the Insight product. After visualizing their MVP in a 2 phase, 2 month intensive process, we signed up for a year support to help Xcalar produce a first class product.

Xcalar Insight are a San Jose, USA based start-up creating beautiful applications to manipulate and interrogate mixed, big data.


It is important when a start-up begins to connect with potential customers to look professional (bigger than they actually are). As the message gets massaged and changes, easily modifiable marketing templates are a must.

Because The Leap Labs is a collection of designers with diverse backgrounds, we were able to create print ready marketing templates for Xcalar's small but growing marketing department.


The Leap Labs provided a custom library of over 50 icons for data import, data manipulation and data visualization.

The Xcalar Icon Library is the most extensive icon library we have ever designed.


As Xcalar Insight is a desktop application, Xcalar needed a desktop launcher icon to stand out and convey their brand and the application functionality

Combining the Xcalar "X" and Insight, we convey a world of data insight at the click of a mouse.

"Leap Labs is a stylish design studio with a classy team that does design like it is art. Its well trained and eclectic team of designers, artists and illustrators is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Their passion and commitment shows through their work, as well as timeliness of delivery. Xcalar Insight is a sophisticated HTML5 app that Leap designed in record time.

Even though our company is in stealth it is already winning accolades from some of our partners and pre-beta customers."

Vikram Joshi
Founder, Xcalar


Kickstart Phases: 2
Ongoing Support: 1 Year
Interface Architects: 2
Major Use Cases: +20


Designers: 3
Animated Introductions: 1
Custom UI Elements: +50
Custom Icons: +50
Designed Pages: 8


Interactive Style Guide: 1
Icon Library: 1
Page Library: 8
Interactive Prototypes: 5
Extremely Happy Client: 1