Jawdrop Social is a London, UK based start-up who wish to create a new way to connect socially and romantically with people around you. Like many UK based start-ups, Jawdrop needed an amazing interface fast, and within a self-funding start-up's budget.

The Leap Labs responded with a complete product design package- delivered in 2 months.


Map interface allows the user to drop a marker where he/she may have seen or interacted with a person of interest. User can customize a marker with photos, descriptions and specify exact locations.

The user can switch between social and romantic interactions, keeping each separate from the other.


The Leap Labs provided a custom icon library for map pin overlays and other tools such as connections & connection requests, chat interfaces, registration and profile descriptions and dropped pins.

Two complete sets of iconography was produced for Social & Romantic interactions. 


Combining the Apple Watch human interface guidelines and Jawdrop's functionality, The Leap Labs designed a complementary Apple Watch app that allows the user to view and respond to notifications and invitations as well as drop simple pin markers.

The user can then pass off actions to the Jawdrop mobile application for further interactions.

"Leap Labs didn't just listen to my company's rule book, they helped re-write it.  They've been an absolute joy to work with from inception through to delivery.  I don't see these chaps as a vendor, I see them as a partner."

Jay Shaw
Founder, Jawdrop


Project Duration: 8 Weeks
Information Architects: 2
Project Manager: 1
Major Use Cases: 7
Apps: 2 (mobile & watch)


Designers: 2
Animated Introductions: 2
Custom UI Elements: 21
Custom Icons: 37
Designed Pages: 9


Interactive Style Guide: 1
Icon Library (SVG): 1
Page Library: 9
Interactive Prototypes: 15
Extremely Happy Client: 1